Triple H Says He Is Unconcerned About WWE NXT Losing To AEW: Dynamite In The Ratings

If you build it, they will come...

Since the Wednesday Night Wars began back on October 2, the ratings have largely been dominated by AEW: Dynamite, with the young promotion having beaten NXT for 14 consecutive weeks since new year's day. 

During a recent interview with Justin Barrasso at Sports Illustrated, Triple H admitted he was unconcerned about the week-to-week ratings and was more focussed on "the long-term game." The Game said he was more interested in trying to produce the best show he can every week which will ultimately lead to a turnaround in the ratings.

Levesque also made comparisons to the Monday Night Wars between Raw and Nitro as he said WWE was producing better content than WCW but they were still getting smashed in the ratings every week. 

Triple H said: "I'm a believer in the long-term game. You create the right product, and over time, people will find it. I think back to Monday nights years ago, and it looks different now, but there were periods of time when WWE was putting on much better shows and the content was much better, but we were still getting beat. We were not winning 'the war' but we stayed true to who we were.

"If it's a flash and it's exciting at first but you can't maintain it, then it loses that pizzazz. It's long-term duration, for me, that's how you win. I've been saying it since the beginning. I'm not concerned about those numbers week-to-week. It's about trying to put out the best show you can every week."

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