Former WWE Writer Claims Nobody In The Company 'With Sway' Believed In Kofi Kingston As Champion

Also says the plan from day one was for Brock to squash him...

Former WWE writer Dave Schilling responded to a clip of Big E and The Miz's tense exchange regarding Kofi Kingston's role in WWE, claiming that nobody in the company with any real 'sway' believed in the New Day member while he was WWE Champion.

In the clip from Talking Smack, Big E said that his teammate had 'his legs cut out from under him' when he lost the title and expressed frustration that Kofi dropped out of the main event scene and went back to the tag team one.  

Tweeting in reply to Andrew Hale of DAZN, who was critical of Miz's arguments during the segment, Schilling said "I was there. I saw it. No one who had any real sway believed in Kofi". 

Adding to that, Schilling revealed that the plan from the beginning of the title reign was for Kofi to be squashed by Brock Lesnar.


Kingston won the WWE Title by beating Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35 but lost it to The Beast Incarnate in just eight seconds on the October 4, 2019 episode of SmackDown (the show's debut on Fox). 

Schilling served on the WWE writing team for two months before leaving in April of 2019. 

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