Vince McMahon Still Wants To Do A Hair Vs. Hair Match On A Future WWE Show

Stipulation for SummerSlam was dropped but the WWE Chairman is keen to get the clippers out...

Sonya Deville lost a Loser Leaves WWE match to Mandy Rose at SummerSlam and, per the stipulation, must now leave WWE. 

A post-match interview hinted that Deville may in fact return under a new name, but fans were expecting a much different outcome until this past Friday. 

The stipulation for the grudge match was originally scheduled to a Hair versus Hair Match, but that was dropped and the match was changed without explanation. 

The change in stipulation could have been made in order to give Deville time to deal with the fallout of the recent attempted kidnapping that she experienced. 

Despite the stipulation being dropped at SummerSlam, Bryan Alvarez noted that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon still wants to do a Hair versus Hair match and that we could potentially see a storyline move in that direction soon. 

Speaking on the Bryan and Vinny Show, Alzarez said: “Apparently Vince still wants to do a hair match so if you see them shoot angles that look like they’re leading towards a hair match well, there you go". 

Hair matches are rare in WWE, with Vince himself involved in perhaps the most famous example, when he was shaved bald by WWE Hall of Famer and current President of the United States Donald Trump at WrestleMania 23. 

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