Fred Rosser Believes Bryan Danielson Joining AEW May Have Led To WWE Shelving 'Nexus' Documentary

WWE had previously advertised the documentary

Fred Rosser believes Bryan Danielson's departure from WWE and his decision to sign with AEW may have played a part in the company's decision to shelve the advertised 'Nexus' documentary.

WWE had made clear that, as the ten-year anniversary of The Nexus' debut crept up in 2021, that a documentary on the faction was in the works with the former Darren Young (Rosser), Wade Barrett and Danielson all being interviewed for the episode.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Rosser mused that his arguing to wear a NJPW-branded jacket in the documentary might have something to do with the documentary being held up, but also believes Bryan Danielson's decision to leave WWE for AEW may have also played a role.

Rosser said: The last time I wore this jacket [which is New Japan branded] was this past May with WWE. I was doing a Nexus uncut/uncensored documentary, they invited me and I said sure no problem. I came in with my New Japan jacket on, and before we started the producer said ‘Do you mind if you take off the New Japan jacket?’

"So I’m like ‘So you are asking me to take it off? I hope not!’ I knew they were going to say it, so I said ‘Look I worked hard to get this jacket, and you guys have just inducted Jushin Liger into the Hall of Fame. This is supposed to be uncut and uncensored.’

Not only did I say that, I said ‘I just talked to John Laurinaitis, because he reached out to me about maybe doing a collaboration between New Japan and WWE. So let me just be me, this is supposed to be an uncut/uncensored Nexus documentary. Let me just be proud of this jacket. Then the producer said ‘No problem, you sold me on it.’”

"Man I have worked hard for 10 or 11 years since Nexus, and they wanted to interview us guys. I am not some washed-up wrestler, I’ve still got a lot left in the tank and I am proud of this. At the time when they did the interview I asked who they interviewed for this? I was one of them, there was Stu Bennett [Wade Barrett] and Daniel Bryan. So they ultimately shelved the documentary, maybe because of what I did and also because of Daniel Bryan going to AEW.”

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