Kofi Kingston Wants A New Day Reunion On The Same WWE Brand

The faction has been split since last year

Kofi Kingston is hoping The New Day can reunite permanently on one WWE brand in the near future, admitting it would 'definitely be more fun' for the trio. 

Kingston, Xavier Woods and WWE Champion Big E have found themselves separated since the 2020 WWE Draft, which has kept Big E on different shows from his New Day teammates. Although there was a brief reunion on Raw earlier this year, as E won the WWE Title, Woods and Kingston were later drafted to SmackDown.

Kingston admits that, selfishly, he wants the trio back together on one show.

Speaking on the Cerrito Entertainment Podcast, Kingston said: "It would definitely be more fun on the same show. And then like, from a selfish perspective, like, we enjoy each other’s company.

"So even if we are not on screen together, we, for example, this past Monday at RAW, we had the, myself and Woods, had what’s called the ‘Dark Match’, the post-show match, I guess. So we were there with E all day, so that was awesome to be in each other’s presence."

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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