Shawn Michaels: WWE NXT 2.0 Talent Have Been Thrown In The Deep End

Michaels is impressed with NXT 2.0

Shawn Michaels is full of praise for the new generation of WWE NXT talent, saying they've adapted well to being put 'in a really tough spot'.

A large number of the talent debuting on NXT 2.0 since the brand's relaunch in September are right at the start of their wrestling journeys, with Michaels noting they are performing on television after just ten weeks in some instances.

The WWE Hall Of Famer is delighted with how well each has performed given the company has thrown them 'in the deep end'.

Speaking to TV Insider, Michaels said: "I’m just excited about this new launch of NXT. I will say I think they get held to an unfair standard. Nobody likes change. I know that was very tough.

"I thought [WarGames] was a fantastic show. I’m so thankful for our veterans who go out there and deliver consistently like they always do. We have such faithful veterans that are out there and having to bring up an entirely new generation. 

"We put a lot of our young guys in a really tough spot, we threw them in the deep end like we’ve been doing the last 10 weeks. They went out there and looked like they belonged.

"There has never been a generation that has been put in a position that these young men and women have. I was in the wrestling business 8 or 10 years before I had to go out there and do live TV. These guys have only been doing it for 10 weeks. That’s an amazing credit to their hard work and credit to them. They also have the ‘it factor’ and are gifted men and women."

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