Free Tier Of WWE Network Launched - Premium Tier Coming In January

Premier Tier expected to launch in January 2020...

The WWE Network has had a somewhat rocky couple of years. Since WrestleMania 34, domestic subscribers have declined from 1.314 million to 1.110 million, a decline of 19.63% in 15 months. The Network's interface was also updated ahead of SummerSlam 2019 which many subscribers found difficult to navigate.

WWE announced they were looking to address these issues by introducing a tiered pricing system.

The company have now launched the Network's free tier with little fanfare. Those without a paid subscription can see what is available on the Network, but can't watch the vast majority of content. All that is available at the moment is videos that are already on YouTube, which includes a limited range of matches like The Undisputed ERA vs. The War Raiders (Viking Raiders), Ricochet & Pete Dunne at 2018's NXT TakeOver: WarGames.

Dave Meltzer has also confirmed the premium tier of the Network is expected to launch in January 2020 for $14.99. For the extra fee subscribers can expect 4K streaming as well as exclusive access to content from PROGRESS, wXw and Evolve, among other promotions.

Meltzer wrote: "There were a couple of major changes with the WWE Network this past week. The first is that they launched the free tier on 12/5 with no fanfare. The idea has been to do a three-tiered network, with a free tier, the $9.99 tier and a $14.99 tier (which should be launched early next year and would feature content from Evolve, Progress, wXw and perhaps other promotions) for early next year."

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