FTR On Split From Tully Blanchard: "It Had Ran Its Course”

FTR split from Tully Blanchard earlier in 2022

It’s without question that FTR are on the run of their careers right now, with the ‘Top Guys’ one of the most over acts in AEW, putting on barnburners whilst holding the IWGP, ROH, and AAA Tag Team Championships.

When fan support started to grow in their favour, FTR ditched long-time associate Tully Blanchard, and as they revealed on the Battleground Podcast, the time was right to do so:

“I think it was one of those things where our time with Tully [Blanchard] paid huge dividends for us,” began Cash Wheeler. “Like career-wise, being associated with Tully is something that holds a lot of value to people that understand wrestling and respect wrestling and just the knowledge that he brings and the knowledge he taught us in the couple of years we were together is something I think helped us take another step to where we are now, but it had ran its course. And now he gets to go do the Tully Blanchard Enterprises and he can help all these other young guys with a mixture of veterans too that can help some of these younger guys, and that’s where he’s gonna be so strongly suited because he can talk more for them and he has so much knowledge for all these guys like a Toa [Liona] and Kaun and those guys. So I figure it works out beautifully for all of us, because I do think that severing those ties, I don’t know if it was something where the fans finally — that was like the final sign for them that we didn’t want any more outside interference, no underhanded tactics. It was just back to what it was in the beginning, Dax and Cash and I think that was the final thing where it’s like, okay, now, that’s what we want.”

Dax Harwood continued:

“I could feel the shift of change coming through the fans. He [Wheeler] and I talked about a couple of months before it actually happened. Like ‘man, they want it really bad’ and us dropping him allowed them to say, ‘okay, now we can kind of voice our opinion, voice how we feel because they don’t have to be bad guys anymore’, and so I think that just, again, I’ve said it before but just allowing the fans to come party with us. That was the tipping point for that.”

H/T: POST Wrestling

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