Road Dogg Thinks MJF Would Be Booked As A Manager In WWE

Could MJF be the next Max Dupri?

Prior to his hiatus from AEW TV, MJF would often express his willingness to join WWE when his All Elite Wrestling contract expires in 2024.

A WWE Hall of Famer doesn't foresee a bright future in the company for Friedman, though, and Road Dogg told Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Outlaws that he feels Vince McMahon would book MJF as a manager. 

"I don't think he would work within the same parameters, and if he didn't, he wouldn't be there. He's not a huge guy. His in-ring work is good. He's not going to move the needle or anything, I don't think, but nobody does these days so I'm not really talk-dogging him too much. But yeah, he has a lot of creative control right now and maybe they (AEW) took some away from him and that's where he's at. We'll see when he comes back and where they go. But yeah, I don't think he makes it too far in the WWE," Road Dogg said. 

"I think Vince, in my mind, would use him as a manager, like the next Paul Heyman or something like that. I met the kid and spent a day with him at an autograph signing. He's a pleasure, he was respectful, and I loved it and I loved the kid. We'll just see what happens when he returns."

Road Dogg was also critical of All Elite Wrestling's booking of Wardlow as he believes Tony Khan's promotion have given him the "jabroni title." 

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