FTR Say Young Bucks Rematch In AEW Is ‘Inevitable’

The two teams have only clashed once in traditional tag team action

Since arriving in AEW, FTR have staked a claim for being the current best tag team in wrestling, with memorable clashes against the likes of The Lucha Bros, The Proud & Powerful, and others.

However, FTR feel like they have unfinished business with one of the other potential best teams on the planet; The Young Bucks, with the two facing off just once, in a match for the AEW World Tag Team Championships at Full Gear 2020.

Speaking with Brandon Walker on Wrasslin, Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood spoke of the prospects of more FTR/Bucks clashes:

"We did it in front of 1,000 fans and when the match was over, I cannot explain to you the emotions that went through, 'man, we did it.' We had 1,000 fans there and I could feel their emotions because finally, their heroes had won the championships from us. I think they thought, ‘we saw who the greatest tag team of all time was' and maybe they thought 'we saw the greatest tag match of all time.' We thought there were going to be multiple matches as well. Then there was a train that completely stopped all that," started Harwood.

Wheeler then stated that a rematch with The Bucks was inevitable:

"No matter how much we wanted the immediate rematch because we don't like losing, especially to those guys, it's inevitable it's going to happen and we've waited a long time to have that first match. We know how to be patient when it comes to this and we know that when you boil it all down and strip it down to who is the better team, they know that we are and they hate that and they are going to avoid that at all costs and they don't want to be seen even remotely in the same area as (us) because it's going to expose them. It is going to be a Rock N Roll and Midnight Express thing. We're going to have some rematches and probably have rematches for the next couple of decades.”

Dax concluded by saying, "Our styles are different, they are great in their own right, we're great in our own right, but the fans know, and it upsets them a little bit, we're just that much better than they are."

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