FTR: We Won’t Be 50 Years Old Expecting To Win

The Top Guys want to give back to wrestling once they’re past their best

FTR pride themselves on being old-school, a throwback to the ‘proper’ days of wrestling, where things were done properly, and business was handled away from the cameras. But unlike some stars from those halcyon days, FTR don’t plan on clinging to their spot when they are past their best. 

Talking to The Metro, FTR said the following about their plans for the future:

"I feel like we owe wrestling so much. We had nothing growing up. I can tell you now that if it wasn’t for wrestling – I come from a family of addicts and I would have went that path. It was the easiest path and the one that I knew other than wrestling. If I didn’t have something to hold onto and grasp at to lead me in a different direction I would be… not good," said Cash Wheeler.

Dax Harwood added, "Without wrestling, who knows? I wanna leave it better than I found it because I owe it everything. We left [WWE] together because of our legacy and we started in AEW because of our legacy, and that’s a very important thing to us. But our job is also to make sure that when we’re done and we hang it up, everybody that we worked with is better than we were before. This might get me a little heat, but Cash can tell ya I don’t give a damn about heat. We’re not gonna be the guys at 45, 50 years old and 50 plus who think that we need to go out there and still have 30-minute matches and beat everybody. That’s not us. We want to give back."

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