Gabe Kidd Calls Out The Rock, Wants Randy Orton At Wrestle Kingdom

Gabe Kidd has called out some of the biggest names in wrestling

Gabe Kidd absolutely loves running his mouth, trash-talking, and calling out anyone no matter who they are. The reigning NJPW Strong Openweight Champion’s next target for his warring words is none other than multi-time world champion and worldwide Hollywood star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

Kidd recently spoke in an interview to WRESTHINGS on a variety of topics. He sent trash talk to several names such as Eddie Kingston (the man who he beat to become the NJPW Strong Openweight champion), Cody Rhodes, and more, and one of those individuals was The Rock. He was asked about what it felt like when he sees his own blood, to which Kidd mimicked The Rock’s “goosebumps” action, tapping his forearm. This prompted Kidd to start off on a tirade of “The People’s Champion”. 

“Hey, f*ck The Rock as well. I'll beat the shit out of The Rock. I'll slap the sh*t out of The Rock, little part-timer. You want some real wrestling, come to New Japan."

Kidd then spoke about opening the “real” forbidden door, pitching a match with WWE’s Randy Orton at Wrestle Kingdom next year.

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Written by Andrew Kelly