Goldberg Addresses Fan Backlash To Him Winning The Universal Championship At WWE Super ShowDown

The WWE Universal Champion Speaks...

At Super ShowDown, Goldberg returned to WWE and vanquished "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt in under three minutes, after connecting with four Spears and a Suplex that was supposed to be a Jackhammer. With that, Goldberg became the second oldest world champion in WWE history at 53-years-old. 

The former WCW star's victory sparked a furious reaction online, in which the company was criticised for again turning to nostalgia at the expense of making future stars. Goldberg addressed the fan backlash on a recent episode of The Bump, in which he said he came back because WWE asked him to and he believes he owes it to the wrestling business to help put over younger talent. Of course, many would dispute this is what Goldberg did at Super ShowDown, as he beat what many consider to be WWE's most interesting character in the last five years. 

The Universal Champion said: "I'd love to see them do it, at any age, let alone 53. I answered a phone call and I did whatever I could do to get ready in a short period of time and provide a little bit of Goldberg out there, and fortunately I was able to do it and I'm just looking forward to the next one (WrestleMania 36) because I get four weeks instead of three to prep for this one."

He later added: "The fact is, if I get a phone call and if I believe I can still do what I did back in the day and bring it to at least an acceptable level, then I'm not going to say 'no.' I'm a defensive lineman, I'm a meathead by trade. So if you give me a challenge, I'm going to take it…I'm just honoured and privileged to be looked upon as somebody who could complete the job. We all know it's a young man’s sport and we all know you've got to push the younger talent and that's our future and if its my job to go in and destroy and/or push people, then that's what I do. I owe it to the business."  

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