Goldberg Comments On Short AJPW Run

Goldberg wrestled for AJPW between stints in WCW and WWE

Whilst synonymous with his dominant runs across WCW and WWE, Goldberg also had a brief run with All Japan Pro Wrestling in 2002/2003.

Wrestling alongside such names as Keiji Muto and Satoshi Kojima, Goldberg reflected on his time with AJPW during an interview with Shakiel Mahjouri on SHAK Wrestling:

"Nothing but happiness. I mean truly… I came to the realisation that the guys who were the badasses, were the ones who could transfer over to Japan,” began Goldberg.

"It was a completely different style of wrestling. It was more serious, it was more MMA.. It was more reality. Those guys didn't b**** if you hit them. They loved it… it was just a completely different deal,” Goldberg continued.

Many Western wrestlers who perform in Japan for the first time notice a distinct difference between US and Japanese crowds, and the differences were not lost on Goldberg:

"The fans were sitting on their hands the whole time. You didn't hear anything. You could hear a pin drop, but it doesn't mean they don't enjoy what they're watching. It's out of respect,” with Goldberg adding “Hogan and the big badasses were able to translate over to the Japanese audience. It was an honour and an absolute privilege to be over there and to perform."

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