Goldberg Has A Specific Deal For WWE's Saudi Arabia Shows

The Saudi shows are very lucrative for Goldberg

With Crown Jewel around the corner, WWE are getting Goldberg prepped for his customary match in Saudi Arabia, as the legendary WCW World Heavyweight Champion is preparing to take on Bobby Lashley.

Goldberg has been a staple of WWE’s Saudi Arabia shows, and according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, it’s because Goldberg has a lucrative deal when it comes to working Saudi Arabia:

“The other match that is going to be there is Lashley and Bill Goldberg, because that one won’t be put on TV, because Goldberg does have a specific deal with the Saudi shows that is very lucrative and if you were gonna pull his match to put it on TV he wouldn’t be happy at all. That’s millions of dollars of difference. It’s not like all the other guys who are going to get paid the same whether they’re on the show or not.”

Goldberg and Lashley are set for a No Holds Barred bout at Crown Jewel, with this being Goldberg’s third bout in the country, following matches against The Undertaker and The Fiend in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

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