Goldberg: I Had To Choke Gage To Stop Him Smiling At WWE SummerSlam 2021

Gage got put in a Hurt Lock by Bobby Lashley

Goldberg has revealed he had to choke his son Gage to stop him smiling when he was meant to be knocked out at WWE SummerSlam 2021. 

Goldberg faced WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam last weekend, losing because of referee stoppage. After the match, Gage got in the ring to stop Lashley attacking his dad, jumping on The All Mighty's back.

Lashley responded by putting Gage in The Hurt Lock, rendering him unconscious, before Goldberg came to his son's aid. 

The WWE Hall Of Famer has now admitted he had to put physical pressure on his son in the ring to stop him from corpsing, when he was supposed to be a knocked out victim of assault.

Speaking on CarCast, Goldberg said: "I didn't see sh*t. I was choking him. He goes, 'Dad, when you came over and grabbed me, you were choking me.' I was like, 'I saw you smiling man, I had to get the smile off.'

"The kid is impervious to pressure. He did four hours of homework before he went out and jumped in the ring with a 290-pound monster who was beating his dad up. It didn't bother him one bit.

"Wanda [Goldberg's wife] was in the back. If she was anywhere near the ring, it wouldn't have made any sense. She would have had to jump in too."

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