Great Muta's Baby Ages Rapidly, Revealed To Be The Great Sakuya

The Great Muta’s baby is now The Great Sakuya

They say the joys of parenthood go by in a flash, one second you have a little baby, the next a fully grown adult making their own way into the world.

Just ask The Great Muta, as the legendary ‘Musketeer’ of New Japan recently returned to Pro Wrestling NOAH, finding a baby in the wilderness, and nursing it to health with the help of his famous green mist. In a follow-up, the baby has grown to adulthood, and after being given a mystery concoction by her ‘father’, winced in pain before donning one of Muta’s entrance hoods, and being rechristened The Great Sakuya.

At NOAH Monday Magic on November 27, Sakuya made her presence felt after a match between Nagisa Nozaki and Miyuki Takase, shaking hands with Nozaki. NOAH later announced that Great Sayuka and Nagisa Nozaki will face Miyuki Takase and Haruka Umesaki at NOAH The New Year 2024 on January 2.

It feels like only two weeks ago that Muta found Sakuya in the wild. They grow up so fast don’t they.

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