Gunther Calls The Miz The Embodiment Of A WWE Era He Didn't Like To Watch

Gunther didn't watch WWE during The Miz's main event run

On Saturday, November 25, Gunther will defend his Intercontinental Championship against The Miz. The longest reigning IC Champ in history will take on the man many perceive to be one of the best IC Champs of this generation at Survivor Series. 

Both on and off-screen, Gunther has taken fighting words to The Miz, and did so once again in an interview with Chris Van Vliet, where he stated that The Miz represented an era of WWE that he did not watch, as it wasn’t to his taste. 

“I don’t remember anything specific in Miz’s career, I can promise you that. I forget the years, I don’t know, maybe it was 2010 to 2012 or something like that, I don’t know. There was a time when I came up as a wrestler that I didn’t bother watching WWE because it was really not my thing. I like Japanese wrestling, I loved some of the indie stuff and that’s where my focus was that I watched for personal entertainment, but also like the Japanese matches, how could I use it [myself]. The Miz, for me, was always the embodiment of that era when I didn’t like to watch WWE at all."

Gunther did go on to say though that facing someone like The Miz, who he states is a prime example of how strong WWE’s developmental system is, will be like a clash of two different worlds. Gunther offered praise to The Miz for his career, and said that the winner of their match may be considered the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly