Hacksaw Jim Duggan Provides Update On Battle With Cancer

The WWE Hall of Famer has provided an update on his battle with cancer

WWE Hall of Famer 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan has provided an update on his current battle with prostate cancer. 

Duggan was diagnosed with the disease last year and had his prostate removed in October. He has been undergoing radiation treatment recently, with doctors optimistic that they caught it early enough. 

Speaking to fans in a video posted on his Instagram page, Hacksaw described how he was feeling and implored people to undergo their physicals: 

"Hey, folks. I was just in there, brushing my teeth, preparing for bed, and feeling sorry for myself. It wasn't long ago I had kidney cancer, I lost a kidney. Then just three years ago, I had all the heart problems, I was in the ICU unit and ended up having an ablation. Then I had two other incidents where I was in the ICU unit, and then I get diagnosed with prostate cancer, they take out my prostate and I still have to have radiation because the cancer is still in me.

"So, I'm sitting there feeling sorry for myself, but then I looked in the mirror, and the man in the mirror is looking back hard at me. And it's, 'Duggan, pull your head out! Stand up straight. God bless that you have only six more weeks of radiation. God bless. Look around you got it a lot better than a lot of other people. God bless. So, Hacksaw, pull your head out. I'm gonna do it. Folks, make sure you get your physicals. Save your life".

Cultaholic.com would like to express its best wishes to Hacksaw as he undergoes treatment.

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