Happy Corbin Thinks Someone Actually Called The Police When He Threw Rey Mysterio Off The WWE HQ Roof

A concerned fan thought Happy Corbin had murdered Rey Mysterio

The combined 2020 Women's and Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match was one of the strangest in WWE history, with the competitors starting on the ground floor of WWE Headquarters and having to fight their way onto the roof, where the rings and ladders were set up.

Towards the close of the 'cinematic' bout, Happy Corbin threw Rey Mysterio off the roof (onto a 'second roof', it later transpired) in a memorable spot. 

Corbin recently reflected on the match, telling KLBJFM that a concerned fan called the police out of genuine concern for what they had witnessed: 

"He's one of the iconic in our industry. He's been around for a long time and done a lot of things. He created a standard for smaller guys. Everybody that comes into the business that is undersized, 'I want to be the next Rey Mysterio'. There will never be another Rey Mysterio. I got it in my head, 'If he's one of the greatest ever, let's see if he can fly'. 

"We happened to be on top of a ten-story building and I sent him over into the darkness. I have that mask on my wall at my house right now. That was one of the craziest Money in the Bank matches because the ring is on top of headquarters, it's cold, it's dark, the wind was blowing. When Asuka punched me in the head on top of the ladder, I fell off because of the wind. It was really gusty. I think someone legit called the police that I murdered somebody". 

WWE clarified after the event that Mysterio (and Aleister Black, who had also been thrown off the roof) had only fallen '6 feet' below. 

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