Health Update On Antonio Inoki

The Japanese wrestling legend has been battling several health conditions in 2021

Wrestling icon and WWE Hall of Famer Antonio Inoki is currently in hospital due to volvulus - a twisting of the intestines - and has recently undergone emergency surgery.

The Japanese legend has spent most of 2021 fighting several health issues, with his lower back having deteriorated, as well as suffering from diabetes and amyloidosis, according to reports from PWInsider.

Due to Covid restrictions in Japan, Inoki has not been able to have many visitors, while his frail condition places him at high risk to other potential illnesses and conditions. PWInsider have also reported that Inoki is in stable condition and fully able to communicate.

Inoki is one of the most important figures in wrestling history. A WWE Hall of Famer and unrecognised former WWE Champion, Inoki is most known as the founder of New Japan Pro Wrestling, staying with the company until 2005.

As the founder of ‘strong style’ wrestling, Inoki’s influence can still be felt today, with one of his protégés Shinsuke Nakamura still active in WWE.

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