Report: AEW's Kenny Omega & WWE's Roman Reigns Set For Big Babyface Roles

Similar trajectories for two of the industry's biggest stars

Both All Elite Wrestling's Kenny Omega and WWE's Roman Reigns are reportedly on a similar trajectory, with each pencilled in to become their respective promotion's top babyface star in the future.

Both Omega and Reigns turned heel in AEW and WWE last year and each has done some of the work of their respective careers on he dark side in recent months. Reigns, in particularly, has appeared to relish his heel persona after years as a babyface, which irked the WWE Universe.

According to Dave Meltzer Of Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE and AEW have similar plans for their two stars, with the idea being to use their heel momentum to push them into becoming the biggest babyface in their company, and the respective franchise player of each promotion.

Meltzer said: ""In time, Kenny Omega is doing this heel turn to come back and turn and be a big babyface, whenever that will be in a year or whatever…with Kenny hurting, I don’t know when that will be.

"Roman Reigns and Kenny Omega are essentially the same character in the sense that they are heels who are being groomed to be the top babyface star down the line of the promotion. AEW is at least trying to book in a way to make the matches exciting and WWE is trying to book Roman Reigns and tell you ‘eh it doesn’t matter, he’s gonna kill the guy.'"


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