Heath Miller: Vince McMahon Holds Back WWE Stars Who Get Popular Without A Push

A push only when Vince wants it

Following the 2016 WWE brand split, Heath Miller (FKA Heath Slater) got over with fans after he went undrafted and pitched for a job on Raw and SmackDown. Slater would utter the catchphrase "I've got kids" in a segment with Brock Lesnar during this period and this would eventually lead to him and Rhyno being crowned the inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Champions. 

Miller reflected on the Lesnar segment during a chat with Title Match Wrestling and the IMPACT Wrestling star admitted he thinks Vince McMahon holds back Superstars who get over on their own. 

"It was one of those things, man. I already saw it happen so many times with other guys. The people want it, Vince doesn't want it. So the people are gonna let you know they want it, but Vince is just gonna keep that guy back and not gonna give it to you until he wants you to have it. It was one of those things like, yeah, I heard it, I appreciated it and I loved it," Miller said.

There have been several WWE Superstars over the years who have grown in popularity without a push from McMahon, such as Miro, Matt Cardona and Aron Stevens, but very few enjoyed a long stint near the top of the card. 

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