Hornswoggle Says He Was Asked To Do A Different Accent For Anonymous GM Reveal

Remember when that happened?

In July of 2012, after more than two years of no resolution to the "Anonymous Raw General Manager" storyline, WWE suddenly and abruptly tied up the loose end by revealing Hornswoggle as the apparent mastermind. It wasn't a particularly well-received twist.

But it could've been even weirder.

Hornswoggle spoke about the story on The New Day's Feel the Power podcast, and claims he was asked to speak in a different voice for the big reveal, though it's not exactly clear why.

"They called me the Saturday before RAW and they said, 'Hey, you're going to be revealed Monday as the Anonymous General Manager'," Hornswoggle said. "They said, 'Can you do a Jersey accent?' and I proceed to say, 'I don't think so - I don't know. I can try.' The only thing I can think of for a Jersey accent was the baby on Roger Rabbit, because he had that weird mafia thing. So I just kept watching that scene over and over at home.

"So it failed so much in rehearsals, and I just kept trying backstage, and then finally, the writer Nick-- I forget what was his last name even was, but that was my name on the show. It was just pulled up by the writer. He finally comes up to me and he goes, 'Not happening. You're just going to come off on the ring, Lawler's going to say it was you, and you're going to bite him in the ass' or something, and that was it. That was the big reveal for the Anonymous General Manager."

(Credit to Wrestling Inc for transcription)

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