Hulk Hogan Called A Narcissistic Sociopath By Former WCW Employee

Former WCW employee has not held back in their opinion on Hulk Hogan

To fans, wrestlers, and industry insiders alike, Hulk Hogan is one of the more divisive and controversial names in wrestling history, with myriad tales of Hogan’s ego and backstage politicking counteracting against his image as the industry-defining hero to millions.

Especially in WCW, Hogan was known to have significant power in terms of creative issues, as well as a hefty wage, and multiple accounts have claimed Hogan could often be difficult to work with. One more name from WCW has shared their opinion of Hogan, with former WCW TV director Dan Bynum specifically mentioning Hogan when talking about his decision to leave the company during an appearance on The Insiders podcast:

"When [Hogan] came in, he and I did not hit it off, let's say," Bynum said. "To me, he's a narcissist-personality-disordered sociopath, and a terrible person to have to be around. He's a shoot heel, as far as I'm concerned, and he made me not want to be in wrestling anymore."

Bynum continued, detailing his first time working with Hogan:

"We were shooting promos at Center Stage, and it was a two-camera shoot, and I had a wide shot," Bynum continued. "It was [Hogan] and I think Jimmy Hart was his manager, and Jim Ross was probably interviewing him. So I had the three-shot of them, and Jim goes to Jimmy to do his promo, and I cut to a shot of Jimmy, and then all of a sudden, somebody's screaming, 'Cut! Cut! Cut!' And then Hulk, into the camera — he said, 'You never take a camera off the Hulkster, and you never cut too close to [not] see the pythons.'"

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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