Hulk Hogan Recalls His 'Rookie Mistake' During NWO Debut

The iconic moment was 25 years ago this week

Hulk Hogan has recalled how he nearly botched the famous formation of the New World Order in 1996...by wearing the wrong kind of boots!

Hogan walked down the ramp at WCW Bash At The Beach 1996 - 25 years ago this week -  and shockingly aligned with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, revealing himself as the third man, turning heel and forming the iconic NWO.

Having admitted to having some doubts about giving up his babyface character, Hogan has now revealed how he nearly slipped in the ring after walking out during the Bash At The Beach main event because he was wearing cowboy boots instead of his usual wrestling boots.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Hogan said: “I immediately worried it was going to be an angle alert. I was thinking that as soon as I was headed to the ring, telling myself I was an idiot for doing it.

"Those boots were really slippery, too, and I think you’ll see me grab the rope before I take a step and hit those leg drops on Randy. Had I been wearing my wrestling boots, it would have been a much bigger production. It was such a rookie move on my part."

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Mitch Waddon

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