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Chris Jericho Punches Fan Who Tries To Rush AEW Ring On Dynamite

Busy night for The Painmaker

Chris Jericho didn't just have MJF to deal with on last night's edition of AEW: Dynamite.

The Painmaker made his way to the ring for a sit-down with Friedman, and as he and the audience basked in 'Judas', a fan suddenly tried to rush the ring. The fan was stopped by security on the apron and Jericho punched the man before he was taken away. 

The broadcast then cut to the crowd while the fan was removed from the building and Jericho would later make light of the situation, telling MJF he should have let the "fat" man beat him up. 

During the Jericho-MJF segment, Friedman revealed Le Champion will have to overcome the five labours of Jericho to earn a rematch against him. The first four will be stipulation matches against opponents of MJF's choosing. The fifth will then be a singles match against The Salt Of The Earth. 

Jericho agreed to the stipulations and the deal was finalised after Le Champion did as he was told and shook MJF's hand. The former AEW World Champion made the most of the situation, though, and decked MJF with a Judas Effect to end the segment. 

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