Hulk Hogan Reveals What He Thinks Killed WCW

Hulk Hogan has given his opinion regarding what really killed WCW, as Vice TV's series reaches its conclusion.

Vice TV's Who Killed WCW series reaches its conclusion tonight with the airing of the series finale. One big name who opted out of being a part of the series was Hulk Hogan, who recently gave his own view as to what spelled doom for the company. 

Speaking with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Hogan explained:

“It’s not the flashiest story, but I can tell you what killed WCW. [...] There was no way WCW was going to survive, not under those circumstances.”

Hogan went on to cite the AOL/Time Warner merger, an infamous business development among wrestling fans, as WCW was subject to the whim of a new parent company which had no interest in continuing to air a wrestling promotion. 

Debate still rages as to whether WCW would have survived had it been in a stronger position at the time of the merger, or whether it was always going to be fighting a losing battle. There is no doubt in Hogan's mind. He continued: 

“So many people knock Eric [Bischoff] but there was an opposition he was dealing with from the higher-ups in the company. He just wasn’t going to win that battle.

“These were executives who had no idea what wrestling was all about, and they had no interest in learning. They wanted more traditional programming. They didn’t want rasslin’ in their high-brow portfolio. They weren’t interested, and nothing else mattered. I hope [the finale of Who Killed WCW] shows the odds Eric was up against. You need to tell that if you’re going to tell the whole story.”

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