"I Don't Know If I'm Happy Or Sad' - Becky Lynch Gets Emotional Following WWE Survivor Series 2021 Win Over Charlotte Flair

A highly personal match

The real life aspects of Becky Lynch's feud with Charlotte Flair appeared to hit home in the aftermath of their Champion Vs. Champion Match at WWE Survivor Series 2021. 

Lynch defeated her former best friend in the opening bout of the pay-per-view on Sunday and, in an interview following the contest, was asked if it was the most emotional match she had ever been in.

Speaking with WWE's YouTube Channel after her match, Lynch said: "“Yeah, even watching the video packages, I got a little bit emotional, you know?” 

Lynch then visibly became emotional again, pausing briefly before continuing: "Because, you know… to see every… to see where we came from to where we are now, and the hatred here, the hatred going out there, and it’s just, its… it’s so sad, you know? Like that’s somebody who I loved so much, and who I trusted my life with, you know, and who… we’ve been through everything together.

"We nearly died in a car crash together, and just how much we despise each other now… I just wanted to rip her apart out there, I wanted to rip her apart, and I didn’t break her arm like I wanted to, like I set out to do, and I don’t know if I’m happy or I’m sad about that. 

"But I got the win and now she knows she can’t deny it. She can’t deny it, I’m the better woman.”

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