IMPACT Rebellion 2022 Results

All the results from IMPACT Rebellion

Rebellion 2022 is in the books, as IMPACT Wrestling presented their latest PPV from the legendary Mid-Hudson Civic Center, in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Eddie Edwards def. Chris Bey - Pre-show

A different challenge for Eddie Edwards than the one he expected, as his planned shot at ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham was cancelled due to an injury to Gresham, with Edwards taking on Bullet Club’s Chris Bey instead.

Bey looked to use his speed advantage to get the better of the former IMPACT and ROH World Champion, but Edwards’ veteran savvy and strength advantage put him firmly in control of the bout. Bey got more than his fair share of licks in, including a beautiful tope con hilo and a well-scouted frankensteiner counter of a Tiger Driver, but it was Eddie’s night, getting the win with the Die Hard Driver. 

The Influence (c) def. The IInspiration - IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Championships - Pre-show

The champs rushed The IInspiration before the bell, looking to prove a point since dismissing former equaliser Kaleb with a K on a recent edition of IMPACT Wrestling. Rayne and Dashwood kept Cassie Lee isolated throughout the early exchanges, before finally bringing in Jessie McKay with the hot tag who ran wild on The Influence. The challengers spent too much time taunting and it threatened to end their night, with Dashwood coming close to a win after a Spotlight, and Cassie Lee almost won the match after spinkicking one of the title belts into Tenille’s face. But it was not time for The IInspiration to retain, with The Influence getting the win after a Collab on McKay.

Steve Maclin def. Chris Sabin & Jay White - Three-Way Match

This threatened to be Sabin vs. Maclin, as Jay White refused to enter the match, waiting to pick his moment whilst goading his opponents in the ring. However it was not long until all three men were engaged in battle, with Sabin handily enjoying control of the early moments of this bout. All three competitors enjoyed spells in control, with the action spilling all around the ringside area, and there were swathes of the match where it was too close to call, with any of the wrestlers involved a viable choice to win.

With both Sabin and White in trees of woe, Maclin looked to capitalise, but ended up taking a nasty spill to the floor, allowing Sabin and ‘Switch’ to jockey for position in the ring, with Sabin hitting a Cradle Shock… only for Maclin to appear out of nowhere to roll up Sabin and steal the win.

Taya Valkyrie def. Deonna Purrazzo (c) - AAA Reina De Reinas Championship

Taya Valkyrie is back, stepping into an IMPACT ring for the first time since January 2021. Like 2021, Taya found herself stood across the ring from Deonna Purrazzo, with 'The Virtuosa’s' Reina de Reinas Championship on the line this time.

Taya came quickly out of the traps, looking to win the title for a fourth time, hitting the Pandemonium snap German suplex not too long after the bell. This did nothing but anger ‘The Virtuosa’ who quickly followed up with a Flatliner and Koji Clutch, looking to wrap things up quickly. The two may not have wrestled in over a year, but their animosity remained, with both competitors screaming at each other on the canvas at one point. Valkyrie started her comeback after a lovely sitout powerbomb, wearing down ‘The Champ Champ’ with a bow and arrow STF, eventually getting the win and the title after a Road to Valhalla. ‘The Champ Champ’ is no more.

Ace Austin def. Trey Miguel (c) & 'Speedball' Mike Bailey - X-Division Championship Three-Way Match

Originally earmarked for the pre-show, The X-Division Championship match made its way to Rebellion's main card after Jonathan Gresham vs. Eddie Edwards was cancelled.

Miguel and Bailey teamed up early to shut Austin up, peppering ‘Inevitable’ with a series of measured kicks, as the pace of this match went off the chain - it's the X Division what do you expect. Miguel and ‘Speedball’ especially had nice chemistry, whether teaming up or looking to take one another out of the bout. 

Bailey missed an Ultimate Weapon attempt, allowing Miguel to escape and nail a baseball slide Stunner onto Austin on the floor. Bailey didn’t want to be outshined so crushed ‘Inevitable’ with a perfect springboard moonsault, until Miguel one-upped him with a hurricanrana on Bailey off the apron onto Austin on the floor.

Austin kept looking to get a foothold in the match but it wasn’t to be, with Bailey or Miguel all over him whenever he got to his feet. Bailey came close to a win with Ultimo Weapon onto Austin before the champ broke it up, himself coming close to a win after a brainbuster and Meteora on Bailey, before Austin pulled the ref. 

A devastating Fold onto Trey Miguel saw Ace Austin win The X-Division Championship for the third time, ending Miguel’s reign at 180 days.

Tomohiro Ishii def. Jonah

Time for a hoss fight, as Jonah took on NJPW’s ‘Stone Pitbull’ Tomohiro Ishii. Jonah got the upper hand in the opening minutes, taking down the CHAOS heavy hitter after several stiff exchanges. The crowd booed as Jonah mocked the downed Ishii, attacking his left arm, and wearing down the NJPW legend. Ishii would not stay down though, absorbing everything Jonah hit him with, finally flooring the big man with a basement lariat. This only angered the MDK powerhouse, who tossed Ishii with a huge belly-to-belly, but his anger gave Ishii an opening and he eventually folded Jonah with a massive rebound German suplex. 

With momentum behind him Ishii went to floor Jonah again with lariats, getting the big man down for a nearfall. Some more standing strikes between the two men allowed Jonah to hit the Jonah Bomb for two, followed up by a clubbing wrist clutch lariat for another two. Jonah missed the Tsunami and ate another basement lariat for a two, before Ishii peppered ‘The Top Dog’ with several headbutts and a huge brainbuster for the win.

Violent By Design won an IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Eight-Team Gauntlet Match

Gauntlet match rules for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships, as The Major Players and the team of Jordynne Grace and W. Morrissey started things off.

Grace dominated Brian Myers from the off, until W. Morrissey and IMPACT Digital Media Champion Matt Cardona locked horns. Grace and Morrissey crushed Cardona with a Big Boot/Powerbomb combo, but as Chelsea Green distracted Morrissey, The Major Players got a pin on Grace - eliminating the team. Morrissey and Grace beat down The Majors, before Morrissey destroyed Chelsea with a gigantic powerbomb through the timekeeper’s table, leading team number three The Good Brothers to make their way to the ring.

The GBs met The Majors on the floor as Cardona was checking on Green, before quickly eliminating The Majors after a quick Magic Killer on Matt Cardona.

Team four - Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice… got utterly destroyed, with Dice eating a Spinebuster and Magic Killer for the quick exit.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack were out next, making an instant impact with dual topes onto Gallows and Anderson. The GBs soon took control, isolating Swann and beating down the former IMPACT World Champion, until a big enziguri on Karl Anderson allowed Swann to tag in Willie. Willie set Anderson up for a Number One Stunner but ate a Spinebuster, Willie managing to kick out at two. A third Magic Killer was thwarted by Swann, but as Willie went to jump from the top, Gallows hobbled him, before yet another Magic Killer kept The GBs in the bout.

Honor No More’s Vincent and Kenny King came out, as The OGK rushed The GBs in the ring, with Matt Taven quickly eliminating The GBs after Maria Kannellis held down Anderson’s foot as Taven pinned him. The former ROH World Champion inadvertently dove onto his HNM team mates, as The GBs dished out one last Magic Killer for good measure.

Rhino and Heath made their way into the bout, with Maria yet again causing a ruckus at ringside. The OGK laid into Heath, until ‘The War Machine’ made his way into the bout, hitting The Gore on Taven as OGK went for the Proton Pack on Heath.

Time for the champions, as Eric Young and Joe Doering represented VBD and Deaner waved the flag at ringside. Young and Doering quickly got the best of their former running mate, but could not keep Rhino down for too long, with the former VBD member getting the tag in to Heath, who ran wild on VBD. Doering lariated Heath out of skin on the floor, but Eric Young could not follow up. Doering disposed of Rhino, allowing Young to hit a clean piledriver on Heath for the win, and to retain the titles.

Tasha Steelz (c) def. Rosemary - IMPACT Knockouts World Championship

Big match in-ring introductions from Dave Penzer as Decay’s Rosemary sought to regain the Knockouts World Championship from Tasha Steelz.

Rosemary got first blood, attacking Steelz from behind as the bell rang. Steelz didn’t know what hit her, as Rosemary stayed on the front foot for several minutes, her concentration only broken when the ref sent Havok to the back for putting her hands on Steelz. This gave the champ an opening into the bout, who gloated and bragged about her victory over Mickie James as she worked over Rosemary. 

The crowd were firmly behind the Decay hellraiser, as the two engaged in a standing strikefest in the middle of the ring, before Rosemary built up some momentum, getting a nearfall after an Exploder suplex. Steelz got a two with a Stratusfaction as a big f*** you to Mickie James, before getting another two with The Blackout, after Evans attacked Rosemary as the ref’s back was turned. Steelz missed the Frog Splash, as Rosemary spat green mist at Evans, before sinking a spear on Steelz for a close two. Rosemary readied herself on the top rope, but Steelz hit a stunner from the top, before a twisting sit-out fisherman’s suplex for the win, and the successful retention of the title.

Post-match, Havok returned to run off the heels before they had the chance to beat down Rosemary.

Josh Alexander def. Moose (c) - IMPACT World Championship

‘The Walking Weapon’ was prepared for the fight of his life, as he came to the ring with his infant son - complete in miniature singlet, headguard, and gumshield. Moose was in no mood to entertain Alexander and his family, with the ‘Wrestling God’ draped in gold as he made his way to the ring, staring at Alexander’s family at ringside.

Duelling chants rang through the crowd as Alexander took down Moose, ‘The Walking Weapon’ looking to outwrestle the champion. Alexander locked in an early Ankle Lock but Moose scrambled to the floor. A quick trading of strikes saw Moose thrown to the floor again, getting in the face of Alexander’s family as Josh made his way to the floor to interject. Moose took advantage with a big boot, and smacked Alexander into the ringpost. Moose established firm control, but Josh would not say die, slapping Moose across the face before eating a dropkick from the champ.

The action spilled to the outside again, where Moose powerbomb-ragdolled Alexander into the guardrail. But again Alexander would not say die, regaining his composure to pepper the champ with several kicks and stomps. Alexander went for the C4 Spike but couldn’t pull it off, instead dropping the champ with 10 German suplexes. Despite this, Alexander still couldn’t hit the C4 Spike, eating a monstrous Sky High off the top for two. Moose missed a Spear, and after missing a double jump rebound crossbody found himself in the Ankle Lock, but managed to make the ropes before Alexander could wrap the grapevine. 

An angered Alexander demanded Moose fight him on his feet, but a stiff chop battle ended in Moose’s favour. Alexander kept getting back up looking for more, eating a uranage and kicking out at one, throwing his headguard at Moose before turning the champ inside-out with a clothesline. Alexander finally hit a C4 Spike, but Moose managed to get his foot on the ropes before the three, as the audience - and Alexander - thought he had it.

Moose levelled Alexander with a superplex for two, then readied for the Spear. However Alexander caught him and levelled him with a Styles Clash in an awesome spot, before locking in the Ankle Lock yet again. Moose ripped the turnbuckle pad off as he grabbed the ropes, and launched Alexander neck first into the exposed buckle before cutting him in two with the Spear… for two. Alexander became the first wrestler in IMPACT to kick out of Moose’s Spear as the champ looked exasperated. Moose exposed another buckle and bucklebombed Alexander, but a second Spear attempt was met with a knee, as Alexander hit a perfect C4 Spike to put the big man down and finally regain the IMPACT World Championship.

Post-match Alexander’s wife and son got into the ring with him, celebrating with ‘The Walking Weapon’ as he finally held the title aloft.

Full results: 

  • Josh Alexander def. Moose (c) - IMPACT World Championship
  • Tasha Steelz (c) def. Rosemary - IMPACT Knockouts World Championship
  • Violent By Design (c) def. Heath & Rhino, The OGK, The Good Brothers, Willie Mack & Rich Swann, Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice, The Major Players, W. Morrissey & Jordynne Grace - IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Eight-Team Gauntlet Match 
  • Tomohiro Ishii def. Jonah
  • Ace Austin def. Trey Miguel (c) & Mike Bailey - X-Division Championship Three-way Match
  • Taya Valkyrie def. Deonna Purrazzo (c) - AAA Reina De Reinas Championship
  • Steve Maclin def. Chris Sabin & Jay White - Three-way Match
  • The Influence (c) def. The IInspiration - IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Championships - Pre-show
  • Eddie Edwards def. Chris Bey - Pre-show

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Multiple Title Changes At IMPACT Rebellion 2022

Josh Alexander Wins IMPACT World Championship At Rebellion 2022

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