IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann Wants To Wrestle Samoa Joe

Could an IMPACT Wrestling dream match be on the cards?

This Sunday sees Rich Swann enter the biggest match of his career as he puts the IMPACT World Championship on the line against AEW World Champion Kenny Omega in a winner takes all match at IMPACT Rebellion.

Speaking to Sportskeeda ahead of the event, Swann mentioned that himself vs. Omega isn’t the only dream match that he wants in an IMPACT ring: 

"The opportunity has never been greater to possibly happen than now here in 2021. The forbidden door is opened. I want Samoa Joe. I want Kalisto. I want them all.”

Joe is one of the greatest World Champions in IMPACT Wrestling history, reigning as TNA Champion for 182 days in 2008, and his return to IMPACT would be huge news. But before then, Swann has to overcome Kenny Omega and the feared One Winged Angel, and the move’s reputation has not been lost on Swann: 

"I think it's one of the most devastating moves in all of professional wrestling, just because of the fact that nobody has kicked out of it, including myself. I felt the wrath of it Hard to Kill, and it was something I would definitely not want to feel again. It's one of the scariest looking moves you'll see, as you're sitting on the top of a guy's shoulder, and he's driving you straight down to the mat, head first. Just the jolt as soon as you hit the mat is something serious, nothing to play with. I think it is a move that definitely will be looked down at as one of the strongest moves that could have ever put in professional wrestling.” 

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