IMPACT Wrestling - June 3 2021: TJP Vs. Alexander Ironman Match

All the action from the IMPACT Zone

We arrive at the IMPACT Zone with the huge 60-min Ironman Match between TJP and X Division Champion Josh Alexander in progress.

With eight minutes to go, Alexander is 1-0 up, but TJP is on the offence. Several members of the IMPACT locker were watching on at ringside, as TJP desperately searched for a way back into the match. A diving DDT and a Falcon Arrow couldn’t get the job done for TJP, and neither could the Detonation Kick. A big Mamba Splash from TJP could only garner a two count. TJP went for another Detonation Kick, but Alexander countered it into an Ankle Lock. TJP reversed it into a leglock, but Alexander would not say die, regaining the Ankle Lock and grapevining it in the centre of the ring with less than a minute left on the clock. With one last win, TJP turned it into a pinning bridge and got the shock pinfall as the clock hit zero. Scores tied at 1-1 - time for sudden death.

Both men, tired and spaghetti legged, exchanged strikes mid ring. TJP missed a big kick and standing Phoenix Splash, allowing Alexander to take the advantage, nailing a big top rope moonsault for a close two. With TJP absorbing a ton of punishment, it was time for Josh to hit a Jay Driller, to get the three count, and retain his X Division Title.

Backstage we saw Don Callis catching up with The Good Brothers, with The Invisible Hand telling The GBs that we have two freight trains in Moose and Sami Callihan, and he needs them to ‘collide’. The three then noticed the camera operator recording them, and chased them off.

Josh Alexander talked about his ironman win, as Eddie Edwards came up to congratulate him. TJP appeared to congratulate and thank the champ. Scott D’Amore thanked both men and said both men should be proud with their performance. Alexander said as the only male IMPACT talent holding gold, he’s declaring himself King of the mountain, and wants to take on all comers. As Alexander left, seemingly the entire X Division came to D’Amore to register their interests in the gold.

Our second encounter of the night pit Rohit Raju against Jake Something in a tables match. The two have been feuding since last month, when Raju defeated Something with help from Shera. The stipulation favours Something, but Rohit wasn’t going to be intimidated, using his speed to keep the big man at bay. The Desi Hitman soon produced two chairs in order to dominate Something, but to no avail, as Big Jake fought his way back into control. Raju eventually got his wish, slugging Jake with chairs and targeting his arm, hitting a chair assisted Divorce Court to inflict more damage. Something attempted a come back but ate a drop toehold into two chairs - Raven style - as Rohit set a table up in the corner. Rohit followed up with a huge double stomp onto the chairs, but ate a Black Hole Slam as he went to put Something through the wood. Another Black Hole Slam followed, and not even a chair to the face could stop a fired up Jake Something, who nailed a fat spear through the table for the win.

W. Morrissey was backstage demanding a match against Rich Swann. D’Amore said no problem, as Rich Swann had already asked for the same. Morrissey walked off fired up, as D’Amore said “you can’t teach that.” Cheeky.

Rosemary was laughing somewhere backstage. She said she’d defeat Deonna Purazzo at against all odds, and bring the Knockouts Championship back to the darkness where it belongs. Suddenly Havok appeared, and said although they’ve been on the same side recently, her sights are still set on the Knockouts Title. Rosemary said if she wants that shot, Havok’ll have to take it from her.

Rich Swann vs. W. Morrissey was up next, with Morrissey jumping Swann during his entrance and launching him all over the ringside area. The two made it into the ring, where Swann threw strikes at Morrissey, but the big man levelled him with a big boot. As Morrissey went to continue his assault, several members of security ran in to calm him down, as Willie Mack nailed Morrissey in the back with a steel chair. Morrissey shrugged it off, and was convinced to head to the back, as security checked on Swann.

Rachel Ellering was backstage getting ready for her match, when Tenille and Kaleb turned up. Tenille showered Ellering with compliments and suggested they team up to chase the tag titles. Jordynne Grace turned up to get Ellering, as Tenille sheepishly hung around and explained she was only there to invite Ellering onto All About Me.

Brian Myers debuted a new video series: How To Be A Professional. Myers was advising Sam Beal on how to establish his look, and said it’s all about presentation, as he made the rookie don a Myers tee and perform his entrance for him. Myers said he needs a lot of work.

Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purazzo, and confirmed that Havok and Rosemary will fight next week. If Havok wins the Knockouts Title Match at Against All Odds will become a triple threat. Purazzo was unimpressed, said the situation was absurd, and said she’s already defeated both women one-on-one. Purazzo said this is the age of the Virtuosa, and the odds will forever be in her favour.

Match four saw Rachel Ellering and Jordynne Grace take on Fire N Flava. Grace started strongly, dominating Tasha Steelz, before Ellering tagged in. The tag champs soon took advantage, working over Ellering and keeping her isolated. Grace eventually came in with a head of steam, but the champs once again gained advantage when Ellering returned to the match. Ellering and Grace did have some flurries of offence, but the two seemed slightly icy towards one another. Steelz soon took Rachel out on the ramp leaving Grace to go it alone, as the champs retained with a combo chokehold and frog splash.

An irate Sami Callihan said he is not afraid of Moose, but as he was getting fired up, Don Callis interrupted. Callis wished Sami luck, but subtly got into Sami’s head with a number of backhanded compliments.

A vignette aired, showing Steve Maclin (fka Steve Cutler in WWE) drinking whiskey as Rat Pack style swing played.

A hyped up Fire N Flava made their way to Scott D’Amore’s office and cockily asked where their competition was. D’Amore said there were a few people aggrieved by the champs, as Susan and Kimber Lee appeared. D’Amore made a match between the two sides official for Against All Odds.

Deaner made his way to the ring accompanied by Violent By Design, before the legendary Satoshi Kojima made his debut in an IMPACT Ring. Traditional Japanese style opening as both men took it turns to deliver shoulder charges, before Kojima came out on top. Deaner got some offence in, but soon fell victim to the machine gun chops in the corner, and a big top rope elbow drop for two. Rhino distracted the ref as Joe Doering went to attack Kojima, but Eddie Edward made the save, fending off VBD with Kenny the Singapore cane. Kojima hit the Koji Cutter, then a big time lariat for the win.

Moose spoke ahead of his main event bout with Sami Callihan, saying it was a warm up as he’s already defeated Callihan in the past. Again, Don Callis turned up and said he was rooting for Moose as everyone wants to see Moose vs. Omega as both men are the best in their promotions. As Callis was spinning his web, Moose cut him off, and said he knew what Callis was doing. Moose told Don to tell Kenny to keep the belt shiny for him.

Violent By Design were incensed after Deaner’s loss, with Eric Young holding Eddie Edwards personally responsible. Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve interrupted, saying their ‘design was flawed’ and that Deaner was a failure. Eric Young said Crazzy Steve should know better, and his disrespect was a personal affront to EY and VBD. Steve told EY to put responsibility on Deaner’s shoulders, and suggested Rhino and Deaner defend the IMPACT Tag Titles against Decay at Against All Odds. EY accepted the challenge. 

Main event time; Moose vs. Callihan. Sami started quickly with a pumpkick to Moose’s face, but Moose no sold it as Callihan had to immediately form a plan B. The two quickly took the action outside, with Moose levelling The Draw with a big powerbomb onto the apron. Moose missed a cannonball into the railings, allowing Callihan to take control, as Sami focused his attacks on Moose’s arm. back in ring, the two went back and forth, with Moose nailing a ginormous superplex but doing additional damage to his arm in the process. Moose got a super close two count with the Go To Hell, but a missed corner charge allowed Sami back in, hitting an arm trap piledriver for a two of his own. As Sami readied for the win The Good Brothers ran in, hit a Magic Killer on Sami giving him the DQ win, then beat down Moose. Kenny Omega and Don Callis made their way to the ring, as The Best Bout Machine joined in the beatdown of Moose and Callihan.

The Super Elite made their way backstage, as Scott D’Amore sarcastically congratulated them. D’Amore said that seeing as Callihan just technically defeated the number one contender, then maybe Callihan should be inserted into the Against All Odds main event. Callis disputed this and said Tony Khan wouldn’t go for it. D’Amore said he’s already spoken to Khan, and the AEW President will be in the IMPACT Zone next week.

Full results:
• Josh Alexander (c) def. TJP - X Division Championship 60 Minute Ironman Match
• Jake Something def. Rohit Raju - Tables Match
• W. Morrissey vs. Rich Swann was no contest
• Fire N Flava (c) def. Jordynne Grace & Rachel Ellering - Knockouts Tag Team Championship
• Satoshi Kojima def. Deaner
• Sami Callihan def. Moose

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