IMPACT Wrestling Results - July 1 2021: Team Callis Vs. Team Dreamer

The countdown to Slammiversary continues

A re-cap video aired of last week’s episode, showcasing Don Callis’ spinning his web of charm and lies, and the upcoming six-man tag match. We also had a re-cap of the Eddie Edwards Kojima partnership, complete with W. Morrissey calling them frauds.

IMPACT opened with Kojima and Edwards in singles action, but as Edwards’ music played, no-one showed up. W. Morrissey appeared on screen apologising to Kojima as ‘his friend’ Edwards won’t be here tonight. Morrissey said everyone loves and respects Eddie and watches his back, but who was watching Eddie’s back when Morrissey jumped him in the parking lot?

Brian Myers and Sam Beale made their way to the ring as Kojima looked perplexed. Myers put himself over as ‘the most professional wrestler’ and that his youngboy Sam Beale could learn more from Myers, than he could Kojima. Myers told Kojima to beat it and turned his attention to Jake Something. An incensed Kojima got in Myers face, but ate a beatdown from Myers and Beale, before Something ran out to even the odds.

A ref came out to say this would be an official tag match, much to Myers’ chagrin. Something and Kojima manhandled Beale, before Myers reluctantly entered the ring. Myers trash talked Something and took him down with kicks, before Beale came in to continue his training. The two employed quick tags and underhanded tactics to keep Something at bay, but soon the powerhouse sank a double lariat and got the hot tag to Kojima who peppered Myers and Beale with strikes. Myers let his youngboy take the majority of the punishment, Beale absorbing machine gun chops, a flying elbow, and a stiff DDT, but was saved from the Koji Cutter by Myers. As Myers readied for a Spear, Something dropped him with a Blackhole Slam, before Kojima got the Koji Cutter and the Lariat on Beale for the win. 

Gia Miller asked Scott D’Amore about Tommy Dreamer working as Anthem’s representative. D’Amore avoided the question, before pulling a tarot card out of his pocket. Cue Rosemary and Havok appearing, and asking for a Knockouts Tag Team Title shot. An agitated D’Amore said he’d take it into consideration. 

Tenille Dashwood was in action next, taking on Rachael Ellering. Ellering had Jazz in her corner, following Jazz’s peacekeeping efforts between Ellering and Jordynne Grace last week. Tenille rushed Ellering as the bell rang, trash talking her the entire time. Ellering soon came into the bout, but nailed Kaleb with a big boot intended for Tenille, allowing Dashwood to regain control. Jazz gave Ellering a pep talk, and soon she was back in the bout after a big Slingblade. Kaleb distracted Ellering, but it was not enough as Ellering countered a sunset flip into a pin for the win.

Post-match Tenille rushed Ellering. Jazz beat down Kaleb and went for Dashwood, but the numbers game was too much. Jordynne Grace ran down and cleared house, and Grace and Ellering hugged it out in ring as a relieved Jazz raised their hands.

Gia Miller caught up with Chris Bey, and said far from being neutral in the divided X Division scene Bey is acting more like an instigator. Bey said he was neutral and watched the two sides battle as he observed and took a ‘beautiful selfie’. Ace Austin, Rohit Raju, Madman Fulton, and Shera appeared, but before they could speak Bey again said he was staying neutral. Rohit said they weren’t here to recruit Bey, they were here to thank him for staying in his lane. Austin said Bey had no chance at Ultimate X anyway, so thanks again.

Match three was a tag match pitting TJP & Fallah Bahh against Rich Swann & Willie Mack for a shot at the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles. The two teams started off as equals, with no-one finding an advantage. Willie Mack soon got the advantage with a huge Samoan Drop on Bahh, TJP raced in, before Swann threw him outside and nailed everyone with a springboard Phoenix Splash. Suddenly Deaner and Joe Doering ran in to beat everyone up, and the match was thrown out. Eric Young and Rhino joined in, and VBD laid waste to all four men, Doering taking Swann’s head off with the lariat as a crazed Deaner screamed. VBD held up the tag titles as Eric Young paced menacingly.

Backstage Fire n’ Flava were incensed that Rosemary and Havok could demand a title shot, whilst Hogan and Steelz had to work their way from the bottom. Steelz and Hogan tracked down Scott D’Amore, and remonstrated to him before he could escape back into his office. D’Amore said Rosemary and Havok are looking for an opportunity, but agreed they haven’t earned their spot yet, before saying they can prove themselves against Fire n’ Flava next week. An irate Hogan and Seelz walked off ranting.

Gia Miller spoke to Team Dreamer ahead of tonight’s main event. Tommy Dreamer said he didn’t trust Raven in ECW, but together they got the job done, just like his team will tonight. Dreamer then said there’s no love lost between himself, Moose, and Sami Callihan, and the only person he actually likes on his team is Chris Sabin. Sabin said he’s in the team for Dreamer because he respects him, said he’s indifferent to Sami, and hates Moose, but tonight is all about the team. Moose said he doesn’t care about anything but winning, before he and Sami bickered about their issues with The Super Elite. Sami said this is bigger than petty squabbles, this is about putting their foot down.

Chris Bey was out next for a match against Petey Williams. The two were evenly matched in the opening exchanges, but the veteran Williams soon established control. Bey absorbed Williams’ offence, then aggressively struck back, getting a foothold in the bout. Bey’s showboating almost got the better of him, but he nearly took Petey’s head off with a lariat to keep control. Williams wouldn’t stay down though, nailing a flowing German suplex, but Bey scouted The Canadian Destroyer, hitting an inverted TKO for a close two. Petey fired back, but again couldn’t get The Canadian Destroyer. A patriotic Sharpshooter for Williams on Canada Day also couldn’t get the job done, but a huge Art of Finesse got the win for Bey.

As Bey celebrated, Ace Austin and co made their arrival to beat down Petey. Bey again remained neutral and left the ring. Trey Miguel and Josh Alexander ran out for a fight, as Bey stood on stage debating what to do. The heels swarmed the faces, and a conflicted Bey ran in, missile dropkicked Shera, and attacked the heels. The faces beat down an isolated Ace Austin and threw him over the top onto his cohort, as the faces shook hands with Bey.

Backstage, an agitated Susan and Kimber Lee were talking. Kimber Lee tried to placate Susan by saying they could remain a team and go after the Knockouts Tag Titles. Kimber Lee did say there was a last resort plan B if they wanted revenge on Deonna Purrazzo; Su Yung. Susan didn’t know what Kimber was going on about.

Jake Something cut a backstage promo on Brian Myers, saying despite Myers making fun of him and his name, it doesn’t matter as a name is just a name, but never question his calibre as a man. Something challenged Myers to a match - if Myers wins Something will proclaim him ‘the most professional wrestler’, but if Something wins Myers will have to declare him professional.

Steve Maclin was in action next against Manny Smith. Another squash for Maclin who dominated Smith from the opening bell, with Maclin getting the win with a scoop reverse sit-out DDT. A comprehensive victory.

Brian Myers responded to Jake Something’s challenge as Sam Beale took notes. Myers accepted Something’s challenge, saying that everyone knows Myers is ‘the most professional wrestler’, but he wants Sam Beale to hear it, so he knows his lessons are all paying off.

Main event time as Team Dreamer and Team Callis clashed. Don Callis introduced himself as the AAA Mega Champion, before making his over-the-top intro for Kenny Omega. Omega had the IMPACT Title around his waist, Gallows the TNA Title, Anderson the AEW World Title. 

Sabin started with Machine Gun, asserting control for Team Dreamer. Harmony was short lived, as Moose got in Sabin’s face after a firm tag. Callihan cleared house, and a worried Omega threatened to walk to the back. The faces were in control, but Moose and Sabin’s bickering threatened to derail things. The Elite used this to their advantage and dominated Sabin, Omega and The GBs hitting a triple backpack splash on Sabin. Sabin got beat down some more, but when he went for the hot tag, Moose moved out of the way and let him burn. Sami eventually made his way into the match, and soon he and Sabin were back on the front foot. As Callihan was disposed, Moose blind tagged himself in looking for the victory at Sabin’s expense. Sabin got in Moose's face, so Moose launched Sabin across the ring then left the match. Callis threw Dreamer into an unknowing Moose who clotheslined Dreamer in retaliation. Sabin attacked Moose, then the GBs hit the Magic Killer on Sabin for the win as Kenny Omega V-Triggered Callihan off of the apron.

Post-match, the Super Elite celebrated with Omega’s titles as Moose glared from the ramp.

Full results:
• Satoshi Kojima & Jake Something def. Brian Myers & Sam Beale
• Rachael Ellering def. Tenille Dashwood
• TJP & Fallah Bahh vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack went to a no contest
• Chris Bey def. Petey Williams
• Steve Maclin def. Manny Smith
• Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers def. Chris Sabin, Moose & Sami Callihan

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