IMPACT Wrestling Results - July 22 2021: The Fallout From Slammiversary

Will Bullet Club make their presence known once more?

IMPACT opened up with a recap video of Slammiversary - IMPACT’s first show with fans since early 2020 - before cutting to the regular intro video.

Fans are back in the IMPACT Zone once more, as we went straight to in-ring action, as Chris Bey took on Rohit Raju. The two were cordial but sarcastic as they chain wrestled, but Rohit got first blood with a big sweep kick. The Desi Hitman kept control for spells of the match - especially when Shera got involved on his behalf - but could not keep Bey down. Bey got a foothold in the bout after evading a corner cannonball, built momentum with a series of fast high impact strikes, and got a two off of a flying forearm. Rohit countered Art of Finesse into a side Russian leg-sweep and crossface, but Bey rolled out and hit Art of Finesse for the win.

Backstage, Bullet Club’s Jay White introduced himself to Chris Bey and told Bey Bullet Club are interested in bringing him on board. Bey said he walks alone, but White asked him how that’s been working for him lately, and told Bey to think over his offer, but to hurry up because it will expire.

Gia Miller was looking for Kenny Omega, but caught Don Callis instead. Callis cut a promo on Tommy Dreamer and Scott D’Amore, asking them how it feels knowing that even though they fired him he is more powerful than the both of them due to his association with IMPACT Champ Omega. Callis said he didn’t like seeing Omega bloodied at Slammiversary, and he’s concerned about the working environment at IMPACT. Miller asked Callis his thoughts on Jay White turning up, to which Callis was curious, asking whether he wants to join the Super Elite, or whether he’s here to stab people in the back.  

Mickie James made her way to the ring after her return at Slammiversary, saying it felt good to be back, as it did kicking Deonna Purrazzo in the mouth. James then invited Purrazzo to the ring, which The Virtuosa accepted. James regretted her actions at Slammiversary and said her intention was real, and she wants Purrazzo for NWA Empowerrr, as James views her as one of the very best right now. Purrazzo was seething, saying James was paying her lip service, but not for Deonna’s benefit, but because James wanted Empowerrr to be a massive success. Purrazzo said before they go any further, she needs James to grovel  at her feet and apologise on the spot. Purrazzo threatened to slap James into next week, but before things could heat up, Gail Kim made her way to the ring. Kim tried to defuse the situation, and implored Purrazzo to accept Mickie’s offer. James said she’s been in Purrazzo’s shoes before, said this is the age of the Virtuosa, and asked Deonna once more to come to Empowerrr. Deonna accepted with a handshake.

We got another Drama King vignette, then went straight into match two; Matt Cardona, Chelsea Green, and Jake Something vs. Brian Myers, Tenille Dashwood, and Sam Beale in six-person tag action. Myers ordered Beale to start with Something, and the rookie soon got dominated. Cardona and Myers then faced off, but as Cardona got a foothold in the bout, he was distracted by Tenille, and worked over by Myers. Cardona reversed a double suplex into a double neckbreaker on Myers and Beale, before tagging Green into the match. Green was a house of fire, but her attempt at an Unprettier was thwarted by Kaleb with a K. Taylor Wilde made her return and attacked Kaleb, as Green hit the Unprettier on Beale for the win.

Eddie Edwards cut a backstage promo on W. Morrissey. Edwards said he had Morrissey at Slammiversary, but Morrissey had to bust Edwards with a chain for the win. Eddie said he’s down for a fight, and told Morrissey to meet him in the parking lot right now. Morrissey made his way outside, and the two started brawling by a production truck. Trash cans and traffic cones got added to the mix, as Morrissey had the better of Eddie. Morrissey choked Eddie with a strap and stomped a box into him, but Eddie got his hands on a pair of Kenny the Kendo Sticks, and teed off on Morrissey as the big man fled.

Backstage, Myers, Beale, Tenille, and Kaleb were walking through the hallways, as Gia Miller stopped them for an interview. Myers said his and Tenille’s team was solid headed into the Homecoming tournament, and Tenille was sat under Myers' learning tree like Beale. Dashwood said their team is over, thanks to Wilde attacking her and Kaleb during their match tonight. Tenille and Kaleb made more excuses and left, as Myers blamed Sam for Tenille leaving. Beale said he’d fix this and would find Myers a new partner.

Jay White made his way into the IMPACT Zone, as King Switch formally introduced himself to the audience, and proclaimed himself ‘the real belt collector’. White said he is here for David Finlay, who has been ducking Switchblade by ‘hiding out in IMPACT’. White disparaged Finlay’s family, and his career, but said he also turned up to Slammiversary to say hello to Bullet Club’s greatest fans - Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers. White said The GBs have only ever been relevant when they could tie their name to Bullet Club, and in White’s new era of Bullet Club Anderson and Gallows just aren’t good enough anymore. 

The Super Elite and Don Callis then made their way to the stage. Callis said he remembers the ‘real’ Bullet Club that contained Gallows, Anderson, and Kenny Omega, and said White’s Bullet Club is irrelevant and loaded with mid-carders, before adding that White should be asking to join The Elite. White reminded Callis that the last time Switch and Omega were in a ring together, White came out victorious. Omega and Callis left to talk things over, as The GBs stayed put. KA and LG said White was welcome for the success that they established as BC, and for paving the way for NJPW wrestlers to be able to wrestle worldwide. Machine Gun said the time was right for White to say a proper thank you, but White said Anderson’s career peaked when he lost the 2012 G1, whilst Switch was everything the GBs wished they could have been. Anderson and Gallows beat down White, but Chris Bey ran out to make the save, as The GBs ran to the back. 

Gia Miller was backstage with Josh Alexander. The Walking Weapon said he’s going to keep lining up contenders to the X Division Title and knocking them down, but also said IMPACT needs to change, and needs a face they can be proud of, as Kenny Omega interrupted him and disparaged him before walking off.

The Good Brothers cut a backstage promo on Jay White and Chris Bey, saying a lot of what they said already in the ring. Gallows then proposed a tag match between The Good Brothers and White and Bey next week.

Match three, as Ace Austin and Madman Fulton squared off against the returning FinJuice. The former IMPACT Tag Champs were all over Austin, utilising quick tags to establish control of the bout. Fulton soon made his way into the bout and changed the flow of the fight, as he and Austin combined well to keep David Finlay on the back foot. Hot tag to Juice Robinson, and the NJPW standouts took control back, Juice getting the win with a roll-up on Fulton.

Post-match, Austin and Fulton beat FinJuice down. FinJuice looked to turn the tide, but Rohit Raju and Shera ran in to help Austin and Fulton beat them down.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack cut a backstage promo on Violent By Design. Swann mocked VBD for losing their tag team championships at Slammiversary, saying when he and Willie have lost championships in the past, they took responsibility rather than blaming everyone else. Willie was about to lay a challenge for next week, but the lights went out, as VBD appeared and beat the two down without mercy. Eric Young grabbed the camera, and said next week they’ll end Swann and Mack.

Gia Miller tried talking to Moose, but Moose wasn’t interested, as he was too busy banging on Scott D’Amore’s office. Moose said D’Amore knows Sabin got lucky at Slammiversary, and demanded a rematch. Chris Sabin turned up and said if Moose wants to fight they can fight right now. D’Amore said they can fight in next week’s main event, as Sabin said he can’t wait to beat Moose again.

Main event time as Fire n’ Flava had their rematch against the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions Rosemary and Havok. The new champs started hot, isolating Kiera Hogan. Tasha Steelz eventually came in, but Havok had her number too. Steelz hit a nice second rope cutter on Rosemary, and tagged in Hogan who fired off on a downed Rosemary. The former champs isolated Rosemary, but Decay’s wildcard fired back, absorbing Steelz’ shots to the face, before the two hit duelling crossbodies on each other. Havok tagged in and ran over Hogan and Steelz, and capitalised when Hogan accidentally superkicked Steelz out of the ring, as the champs retained with a tandem spear/Russian leg-sweep combo.

Full results:
• Chris Bey def. Rohit Raju
• Matt Cardona, Chelsea Green, & Jake Something def. Brian Myers, Tenille Dashwood, & Sam Beale
• FinJuice def. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton
• Rosemary & Havok (c) def. Fire n’ Flava - Knockouts Tag Team Championship

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