IMPACT Wrestling Results - March 16 2021: The Fallout From Sacrifice

We also heard from the Unified IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann

Last night IMPACT Wrestling presented their first show after the Sacrifice PPV, a show which saw three titles change hands. 

IMPACT opened with a short recap video showing FinJuice’s Tag Title win over The Good Brothers, and Rich Swann defeating Moose to become the Unified IMPACT World Champion.

Our first match of the night saw the new IMPACT World Tag Team Champions juice Robinson & David Finlay  defeating XXXL in non-title action. Post-match The Good Brothers came out to say they’ve been busy pulling double duty with AEW and weren’t prepared for Sacrifice, and thus want their rematch. FinJuice said they’re busy too, and have to do a tour of Japan with NJPW, so The GBs will have to wait until April for a rematch.

Gallows and Anderson then went to Scott D’Amore to complain about the situation. D’Amore agreed it was a predicament, but considering the bridge between IMPACT and NJPW has been rebuilt, it could be best for business. D’Amore did confirm The GBs will get their rematch at Rebellion on April 24. Tommy Dreamer then came into D’Amore’s office to say the tag title situation is a mess. D’Amore said running a company isn’t easy, Dreamer should know that from when he and Paul E ran ‘a company’ into the ground. D’Amore then said if it’s so easy then Dreamer can book Hardcore Justice on April 10.

Next match of the night saw Rhino quickly defeat Jake Something, leading to Violent by Design dishing out a beating on Something, James Storm, and Chris Sabin.

Rohit Raju beat Shera in an entertaining match, with Raju’s experience giving him the edge, before a rope-assisted roll-up for the 3.

Willie Mack congratulated Rich Swann as the champ made his way to the ring. Swann said he’s scratched and clawed his way to the top, and said he respects Moose, even though he doesn;t like him. Don Callis came out to congratulate Swann, and said he was the driving force behind Swann getting a job in IMPACT. But Callis said as much as he loves and admires Swann, he is nothing compared to Kenny Omega, and repeatedly mentioned how Omega pinned Swann after a One Winged Angel at Hard To Kill in January. Callis bigged up Swann vs. Omega at Rebellion, but said Omega is going to win, as Swann looked crestfallen.

AEW’s Tony Schiavone and Tony Kahn promoted AEW: Dynamite’s St. Patrick’s Day Slam event for Wednesday March 17, before we cut to Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona hanging out backstage. Brian Myers turned up and said IMPACT is his chance to be a success on his own and he doesn’t want Cardona there at all.

Ten-woman tag action as Jordynne Grace, Jazz, ODB, Alisha, Havok & Nevaeh defeated Deonna Purazzo, Susan, Kimber Lee, Fire ’n’ Flava, and Tenille Dashwood. Jazz got the victory for the faces with an STF on Kimber Lee.

Ace Austin hyped up his X Division Title win backstage. Josh Alexander and Chris Bey said they want next, but TJP said he’s taking on the champ in a title match next week.

And our main event saw Sami Callihan take on Trey Miguel. Callihan said earlier in the night that Miguel has no passion and that’s what pisses him off. Regardless, Miguel showed lots of passion and fire in this bout, overcoming several harsh attacks to his ankle to keep fighting. But it was not enough, as Callihan nailed a Package Piledriver for the win.

Full results below:
• FinJuice def. XXXL
• Rhino def. Jake Something
• Rohit Raju def. Shera
• Jordynne Grace, Jazz, ODB, Alisha, Havok & Nevaeh def. Deonna Purazzo, Susan, Kimber Lee, Fire ’n’ Flava, & Tenille Dashwood
• Sami Callihan def. Trey Miguel

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