IMPACT's Eric Young Gives Timetable On Return

The Violent By Design leader has been dealing with a torn ACL

IMPACT’s Eric Young is currently out of action with a torn ACL, but is still a prominent feature of IMPACT Wrestling television each week, serving as the leader of the villainous Violent by Design.

EY has been on the shelf since March, with his last IMPACT match airing on April 22, before undergoing surgery. At first Young’s timetable for recovery was estimated to be between six-to-nine months, and during a signing with K&S Wrestlefest, EY confirmed that he was on course:

“It’s really cool to be part of that [IMPACT/AEW crossover],” said Young “It’s a part of history. I haven’t been involved with it directly, but I imagine when I’m healed up, end of September, October, I’m going to be very involved. The door’s opened and I’m ready to walk right through it.

Now in his 40s and with over 20 years of wrestling under his belt, talk has naturally touched upon Young’s post-in-ring career.

“I’ve trained guys,” said Young “I’ve trained Cody [Deaner], Crazzy Steve, I trained Shawn Spears, Jake O’Reilly who worked for All Japan and is a big time guy on the independents in Ontario, [Canada]. Yeah, it’s something that I do like to do. But I feel like when I’m done in-ring, I’m probably gonna disappear and you probably won’t see or hear from me for quite a while. Me and my wife are planning to sell all our stuff and move out of our house, buy an RV. It’ll probably be a fifth wheel and a truck. Just traveling and she works remotely so she will keep her job and that will fund our adventures and that’s what I’m gonna be doing.

“I know that John Laurinaitis said anytime I want, I can produce for them [WWE]. I think if I asked Hunter, I can work at NXT if I want. Obviously with Scott [D’Amore] and them, I could work there. It’s something I think that I would be a valuable asset because of my experience, all the different things I’ve done. I’ve seen the card from every angle. I’ve been the opening match, I’ve been the popcorn match, I’ve been the main event, I’ve been in hardcore matches and tags. I was wrestling women before it was popular.

“Yeah, I’ve done lots of things and I love that about my career that I’ve seen it from a lot of different angles and I think it gives me a very wide sense of what’s really going on, it gives me an appreciation for the whole show because I’ve seen it, I’ve been a part of it from every angle. A lot of people can’t say that and that’s a cool thing where I’m singular that way.

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