IMPACT's Jordynne Grace 'Disappointed' At Lack Of Female Wrestlers Through The Forbidden Door

Grace wants to see more female wrestlers given the opportunity

IMPACT Wrestling's Jordynne Grace says she has been disappointed by how few female wrestlers have had the opportunity to walk through the forbidden door and compete in dream matches across different promotions. 

Talent across IMPACT, AEW and NJPW have jumped across the three different promotions across the last year or so, leading to a host of big matches that fans thought they'd only see in their wildest dreams.

However, the use of 'the forbidden door' has largely been centred around male talent and, while Grace was initially excited by the idea, says she has been let down by how few opportunities she and her female colleagues have had to do the same.

Speaking to TalkSPORT, Grace said: "Honestly, I was super excited when it first got announced, but as the months have dragged on with only a few things happening and never really happening for the women, I’ve been more disappointed than anything else really.

"Because I thought the forbidden door was definitely going to wide-open instead of having to knock and only a few people get in at a time. But you know, that’s the nature of the business, right!"

When asked why she thought female wrestlers hadn't crossed over as much as the men, Grace added: "I have absolutely no idea. I’m sure it has a lot to do with politics and who can go over there etc, you know how it is. People don’t want their people to lose, so on and so forth."

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