Jack Evans Downplays Fan Concerns That AEW Isn't Using Him Right

With a detailed explanation...

The absurdly-nimble Jack Evans was one of the earlier acquisitions of All Elite Wrestling (alongside Hybrid 2 partner Angelico) but neither has made much of a footprint in the company. Over the past year, both men haven't been featured all that prominently on main show Dynamite, or on pay-per-views.

Amid some fan concerns that AEW isn't doing right by the veteran high-flyer, the "Prince of Parkland" addressed such criticisms on Twitter, defending the company and offering reasons for why his usage has been a little light.

Among his statements, Evans wrote, "There is 2 hours to fill and they don't want to have 2-3 minute matches just to stick more people on TV, so there is going to be some downtime as new people are rotated into angles."

"On top of this there are little things the fans aren't privy too, for instance, my ring cardio was at such a low point (I have improved it 200% now) that in my match with Kenny we had to cut a good 5 minutes out because I was done, or other little things."

"On top of it all, and someone needs to formulate a way to teach this in wrestling schools, we straight suck at pitching angles. This is an email to the bookers. "So like, give me a mic and I talk some s--t, and then like we fight and stuff."

Though not noted in his explanation, Evans is also currently sidelined with a hairline fracture in his cheekbone.

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