Jade Cargill Praises CM Punk

Jade Cargill has spoken of her admiration of CM Punk

In the fallout of ‘Brawl Out’ in September 2022, the wrestling world was split on the subject of CM Punk, with some in AEW allegedly labelling him ‘locker room cancer’, whilst others praised his conduct and openness to help and give advice.

One name in the latter camp is that of Jade Cargill, with the TBS Champion praising Punk during an appearance on the Bootleg Kev podcast:

"Just 'stand on what you believe' and 'don't be a push-over.’” Said Cargill when asked what advice Punk has given her. “And I admire that because coming into the business and being new, you know a lot of people, it's like you have to almost shrink yourself a little bit. And I know who I am, again I've lived several lives. I've lived real life. And just because I didn't want to do this all my life or because I didn't put in the time, I refuse to let anybody look at me less than, and I refuse for anybody to treat me anything different. Because outside of these lines I'm a human freaking being, and you're not gonna treat me like anything else. I'm not saying that anyone treated me any type of way.”

Cargill continued after the host mentioned how it can be on the independent scene: “Especially on the indies. And I'm not familiar with the indies at all. But I'm not going to be walked over. And I refuse for you [to do so]. Because I'm Jade Cargill. And outside of these lines I'm Jade Cargill. So I'm not gonna let you address me [as] anything less. So the fact that he told me to stand on what I believe and don't be a push over, that stuck with me. He's a great guy.”

Cargill was later asked about Brawl Out, but said she had left the building by the time the now infamous fight occurred:

“But I mean, from my opinion Punk's a great guy, he's been nothing but nice to the women's locker room. He talks to me, tells me his experience, again at Comic-Con we got really close because he was my tag mate in the interviews. And I learned so much from him and so much knowledge in the industry. He's been in two different companies and he can do whatever the hell he wants to do. So he doesn't need it, he does it cuz he loves it. And that to me, speaks to me because I don't need it, I do it because I love it. And I appreciate people like that."

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