Jake Lee & TAJIRI Leaving AJPW

Jake Lee and more set to leave AJPW

All Japan Pro-Wrestling are set to lose three talents, including one of their top stars. 

It was announced at a press conference today that Jake Lee, TAJIRI, and Izanagi will leave AJPW when their contracts expire in December. Izanagi's final match will take place on December 21, while Jake Lee and TAJIRI will bow out of All Japan on December 25. 

TAJIRI issued the following statement

"Upon the expiration of my contract this year, I, TAJIRI, will be leaving All Japan Pro Wrestling, which I have been a part of for many years. I have decided to leave All Japan Pro Wrestling and embark on a new journey. All of life is a process until death. And life is still going to continue. And the world of pro wrestling goes around and around. I am sure we will meet again someday, somewhere. So, everyone, please stay with me for the next two matches of the year. Thank you very much."

The press conference comes after a Tokyo Sports report revealed Lee told the AJPW locker room and officials on December 7 that he would be leaving the promotion. Lee first told All Japan that he planned to leave in September and the organisation tried and failed to convince him to stay. 

Where Lee will go next is unknown, although he has previously shared his desire to wrestle in New Japan Pro-Wrestling's G1 Climax. The 33-year-old has been a part of All Japan Pro-Wrestling since joining the company's dojo in 2011. He is a two-time Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion. 

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