JBL Reveals How Eddie Guerrero Wrote A Lot Of His Promos For Him

JBL and Guerrero clashed over the WWE Title in 2004

Bradshaw’s evolution from hard drinking Texas roughneck to wealthy stetson wearing businessman was quick but effective, as JBL became an overnight main eventer in his feud with WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero.

However, despite JBL’s promos against Guerrero during their feud being racially motivated and extremely personal, JBL revealed to Christy Olson on AdFreeShows.com that Guerrero himself wrote a lot of them:

“Eddie would call me all times of the day and night and give me ideas for promos. He said to tell them, ‘My ancestors came over here in a boat, not an inner tube.’ I said, ‘Eddie, you’re going to get me killed.’ Sometimes we would be in the ring and I would be cutting a promo. He would send into the referee some phrase he would want me to say, sometimes in Spanish, sometimes in English. Especially the southwest in front of huge Latino audiences, I would always say it and people would get so furious. That was all Eddie. Eddie really liked the JBL character. Eddie was a groomsman in my wedding. I did part of the eulogy at his funeral. I wish he was still here today. We were close friends. He really took pride in getting JBL over. If JBL had anybody else other than Eddie, it probably would have been a one off at The Staples Center. I don’t think JBL would have been around another PPV. I think I probably would have retired, probably within a few months, but because of Eddie, he made JBL, and then I had a pretty good run with it.”

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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