Jeff Hardy: "AEW Is More Open-Minded, WWE Is Kind Of Set In Their Ways”

The WWE vet also praises Darby Allin

As he's four years into his current WWE run, Jeff Hardy has never worked for All Elite Wrestling. However, he does have some positive words for WWE's biggest competitor.

Speaking with ESPN West Palm, Hardy offered praise for the promotion that has employed brother Matt for going on one year.

“It’s really cool," Jeff began. "Matt is in AEW and before the pandemic hit, their crowds were incredible and on fire. It’s so exciting watching, they are very different than WWE. I don’t know how to explain it, but they are more open-minded, WWE is kind of set in their ways.”

Hardy also talked about the comparisons between himself and AEW TNT champion Darby Allin, which he admits he's flattered by.

“I’m so honored for people to say that, especially a guy like Darby Allin. I’ve never met him but when I watch him on AEW, I’m like, 'Wow he’s really like me' and he’s actually like a real-life stunt man.

"I’ve always said jokingly, I don’t even think I know how to wrestle. I think I’m just a stunt man when it comes to this stuff. I’m more about the moments and the highlights and the storytelling. Those big extreme moments, my career has been based around that."

(Credit to WrestleZone for transcription)

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