Jeff Hardy Feeling 'Like A Ghost' Within AEW, Wants The Hardys To Do More

Jeff Hardy has implied dissatisfaction at his current role in AEW.

Jeff Hardy recently appeared on his brother's 'The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy' podcast to celebrate 100 episodes. During it, he spoke about "feeling like a ghost" in AEW, and implied he was dissatisfied with his current role, explaining:

"When I first came back, it was pretty exciting, I didn't know what was going to be happening in the near future. The last time I was in this extreme dimension of your podcast, I said in WWE I felt like I was a ghost just walking around backstage. Honestly, I kind of still feel like that at AEW [...] not being involved in something cool, and I feel like there is something so special that we have within us to really bring out, and that brings me to things with ego."

Jeff joined AEW in March 2022, although he could be referring to his return to the promotion post-suspension in April 2023 after completing a period in rehab.

Since becoming a member of the AEW roster, Jeff has only been on one pay-per-view card, teaming with Matt to take on the Young Bucks at Double or Nothing 2022. 

Jeff expanded upon the topic of not feeling like himself in wrestling at the moment:

"Honestly, I'm in a place in my life where wearing this Jeff Hardy [shirt], I feel like a goofy goober for wearing my own shirt. Why does this feel so goofy to wear my own shirt? My thing has always been, there isn't much difference between the in-ring performer Jeff Hardy and the reality and human world Jeff Hardy. At the show the other night, at the concert, I talked about ego, and another wrestler said, 'You've never had an ego,' but I think I need to bring my ego back ten times more intense than it was when I was the anti-Christ of professional wrestling. It feels like it's inevitable. It feels so right. You have to create the moments yourself and when you're passionate about something, and little by little, we're eventually going to get there."

Matt Hardy also recently expressed his frustration with the tag team's AEW booking

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