Jeff Hardy Thinks He & CM Punk Could Create A 'Huge Moment' In AEW

Could we be seeing Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk one more time?

In a recent interview with MuscleManMalcolm, AEW star Jeff Hardy has spoken about his enthusiasm for a potential future match with CM Punk, saying it would be "bizarre in the best of ways." 

Jeff explained:

"Yeah, I haven't thought about a match that much, I mean, I have a little bit, I just think what I've seen more than anything is there's just a huge moment between me and CM Punk, because of the history alone. Ultimately I could see us having another match, and I think it would be bizarre in the best of ways."

Jeff and Punk clashed numerous times in WWE - most notably in a 2009 feud which saw Punk defeat Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship in a TLC match at SummerSlam. He also beat Jeff in a Loser Leaves WWE Steel Cage Match days later, which spelled the end of Hardy's time in the promotion until his shock return alongside brother Matt at WrestleMania 33 in 2017.

Hardy also spoke of his desire to win a world championship at this stage in his career, having battled addiction issues to return to the ring. He stated:

"One of the goals I've set for myself, before it's all said and done, [is] to look back and say, 'Yeah, you came out of your own personal hell and achieved a World Championship within your own personal heaven once again.' So that would make everything complete."

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