Jeff Jarrett Excited By CM Punk's WWE Return

Jeff Jarrett believes that CM Punk's WWE return is good for the wrestling business overall.

On his My World podcast, Jeff Jarrett spoke about the shock return of CM Punk to WWE, explaining that he is "excited" about the development. AEW's Director of Business Development explained: 

"Man, the wrestling business is the gift that keeps on giving. Like you said, never say never. This may not be people’s cup of tea, but change without question is inevitable, and the bigger the change, the better.

"I’m excited. I’m super excited for Wednesday. I’m super excited for upcoming shows, Wembley, everything, because it goes without saying, there’s a ripple effect that happens. It’s like that pond. When you throw a big crater out in the middle of it, waves happen, and how are you going to ride that wave? Are you up, down, fight it? Not fight it? Swim against it? Swim with it? Catch the ride? All that kind of stuff. It’s exciting. I’m very, very excited about where the industry is. We’ve said that a lot over the last 12-18 months, from looking at buy rates to ratings to stock prices to acquisitions, to all those kind of things. I’m not just talking about WWE and AEW. Business is good. The business is very good."

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