Road Dogg Surprised Motor City Machine Guns Never Wrestled In WWE

Road Dogg has named Shelley and Sabin as a team he's surprised never had a big run in WWE.

Speaking on his Oh...You Didn't Know podcast, Road Dogg was asked which TNA talent he was surprised never had a run in WWE. He stated:

"A lot of great talent came through there, but I feel like all of them had opportunities at other places too. But I thought about this the other day, actually. The Motor City Machine Guns. As a team, I think they would fit perfect, and I think they’d be good WWE Superstars. I don’t know how old they are now and if they’re ready still to run that kind of schedule. But I thought they would have been.

"I loved working with them when I was there because I knew they were the future, and I knew I was already the past. I wasn’t even the present anymore. So it was really fun to get to work with those guys. [...] I say they didn’t make it anywhere big, but they’ve made a career out of wrestling on the independent circuit and Japan [...] So I’m short-changing them and I don’t mean to be."

Despite being one of the most influential and popular tag teams in IMPACT Wrestling/TNA history, the Motor City Machine Guns are currently enjoying considerable singles success in the promotion. Alex Shelley is currently in the midst of his first reign as Impact World Champion, while Chris Sabin is X Division champion for a record 10th time. 

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