Jeff Jarrett Reveals He Wasn't Contacted For IMPACT 1000

Jeff Jarrett wasn’t contacted by IMPACT for an IMPACT 1000 appearance

IMPACT Wrestling recently celebrated 1000 episodes with the two-week event airing on September 14 and September 21. 

The IMPACT 1000 tapings featured many names from IMPACT/TNA’s past making their returns, but founder Jeff Jarrett was nowhere to be seen. 

Jarrett has not been involved with TNA/IMPACT since the fallout of the GFW partnership in 2017, and as revealed on the My World podcast, Jarrett noted how he has heard nothing from IMPACT:

“Isn’t that ironic? No, not a peep. Not a word [laughs],” said Jarrett.

Double J continued, noting how he wasn’t invited to Slammiversary 2022 either despite it taking place near his home in Nashville:

“I get it. I totally understand. No, it doesn’t not hurt my feelings. It really doesn’t because I understand. I’m not sure that I agree with their line of thinking. But anyway, I’ve said it over and over, I think there’s two distinct brands. I think the IMPACT brand really became, as we said, IMPACT LOL. I think the TNA brand, not for everybody, but there was more success correlated with that. So bring back folks associated with that era. I think there’s an upside to that in so many ways. But I get it. It’s their call," Jarrett said.

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