Jeff Jarrett Reveals How His Latest WWE Return Came Together

Jeff Jarrett explains how he came back to WWE for another stint

Jeff Jarrett is back in WWE for his latest run with the company and the former Intercontinental Champion was recently appointed Senior Vice President of Live Events, meaning he is in charge of non-televised shows. 

Jarrett's latest return appeared to come out of nowhere and the TNA Founder detailed on WWE's After The Bell podcast how it came together.

"In 2018, I got inducted into the Hall of Fame. Fast forward to a year later, did Royal Rumble and came on kind of in a quasi-producer role and then, I guess I was under the creative writing team, which encompassed a lot. After about six months, I was moved into the live event department. In a lot of ways, I'm kind of coming back to the position that I got into. I love it, it's a passion of mine. It goes without saying, my family has been...my Grandmother, 1946, got into the business. Live events is a passion of mine and I worked in live events in 2019 up until the pandemic. That's a whole other story. I came out of a live event meeting, went to La Guardia, got on a plane, hear people in first-class talking about (the pandemic). The whole world shut down and during the pandemic, I worked in international for quite some time. Then, we went our separate ways," Jarrett said.

"As of late, it all happened really quick and it's hard to believe that WWE is back on the road, almost a year, as that ramping up process, everyone knows the organisation made smart decisions to run lean and mean, highly profitable. I'm really grateful that the executive team said, 'We'd like you to come back to the live event department.' There is so much that goes into live events. Years ago, it was house shows, but the live event name is more appropriate because that's what it is, you come see it live. We changed the wording and what I am dialled into is the non-televised live events. It is an incredible undertaking."

Jarrett has continued to co-host his podcast with Conrad Thompson since he re-signed with WWE.

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