Jeff Jarrett Thinks People Had Unrealistic Expectations For Ric Flair's Last Match

Jeff Jarrett has given his thoughts on Ric Flair’s Last Match

Wrestling fans the world over raised their eyebrows when Ric Flair announced he was coming out of retirement for one last match in 2022, with the ensuing Ric Flair’s Last Match event going down in a Jim Crockett Promotions ring in July 2022.

The main event of the night saw Flair team with Andrade El Idolo against Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal, with the critical consensus stating that the match was overwhelmingly bad due to the shape and performance of Flair himself. 

Jeff Jarrett has now given his thoughts on the bout, saying the following on the My World podcast:

"The expectations going into that match were so wide and diverse," Jarrett said. “You have a 35-year-plus career of mine, and Ric is a 45, and then Jay [Lethal] and Andrade [El Idolo], no disrespect, but different ones, but the expectations going into that, some people maybe delusionally thought they were going to see Flair do the upside down flip or all of his trademark stuff."

During the match Flair controversially faked a heart attack, with Jarrett revealing the following about the spot:

“I was outside with Ric, beating him up, and he's calling everything and I'm like, 'Oh, Ric, don't do this heart attack spot,' and he had to do it, so he's working. Was he dehydrated? Yes. So in spite of being in his plus-70s, and he's dehydrated, and drank all the night before and blah, blah, blah ... in a lot of ways, and I'm going to probably get criticism for that, that SOB still tore the house down!” said Jarrett.

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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