Bobby Fish Hoping For reDRagon Reunion With Kyle O'Reilly, Open To ROH Return

Could Bobby Fish reunite with Kyle O’Reilly in ROH as reDRagon?

When Bobby Fish exited All Elite Wrestling in 2022, fans rued the fact that a full reDRagon run in the company was unlikely to ever occur, with the celebrated team of Fish and Kyle O’Reilly only managing a handful of matches together in AEW before Fish’s exit.

However, during a conversation with PWMania, Fish gave some hope to reDRagon fans, admitting that he hopes the pair can team again in the future:

“I certainly hope we haven’t seen the last. It would be a shame to not revisit reDRagon. It’s near and dear I think to both of us. The Undisputed Era. Another thing near and dear to both of us. We had a chance to kind of have the reDRragoneers and then have the Undisputed Era version of reDRagon. I think in some way shape or form, I personally hope that we’ve not seen the last.

“Kyle needs to heal up. His surgery and stuff were probably long overdue and something I think that needed to be addressed, he’s addressed it. It’s a slow build coming back from something like that. And there’s no reason to rush it. You know, neither one of us are going anywhere. I think I can speak for Kyle a little bit when I say that. I think we both would like to revisit reDRagon for sure,” said Fish.

The pair were mainstays of Ring of Honor’s tag team division, and earlier in the same interview Fish admitted he is open to a ROH return if it were to present itself:

“Ring of Honor is definitely a place that will always hold some space in my heart and the things that I love about the industry. That’s the place where Kyle and I got to grow as a team. I’d say that was probably the most important part of my maturing process when it came to being a professional wrestler was the time that Kyle and I started doing reDRagon and that I think really formed who I would become as a performer. And that’s where I found my lane. I think Kyle had a similar experience.

“Ring of Honor, being that place and New Japan, in a way as well. Ring of Honor would always be someplace that would interest me. I love the fresh coat of paint that it seems to have been given. I love to see guys like Samoa Joe back there doing the things that he’s doing. Claudio Castagnoli, doing the things that he’s doing. I’ve been a huge fan of Samoa Joe since longer than Samoa Joe would even remember. He was one of the first independent wrestlers, we’ll call it that, non-WWF guys, that I became aware of that really captivated me. I was cutting my teeth as an independent and getting reps for Pro Wrestling Noah, but here, I saw this big Samoan dude way more athletic than he’s supposed to be. He had legitimate martial arts skill. I knew that I had legitimate martial arts skill. And I was trying to figure out how it was to fit into my pro wrestling and it’s a process. I would tell anybody that would be coming up trying to do something similar to that it doesn’t just happen, and you want to kind of get your basis of your pro wrestling, it’s up to you to add your flavour to it. And the flavour I knew all along was that I wanted it to be martial arts. But I didn’t know how to integrate that. Joe was one of the first guys that I saw, who was finding that balance of integrating martial arts into his pro wrestling,” said Fish.

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